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You are not locked in a prison so there is no need to search for an escape route, a way out. Freedom is already here. It is within us. It is not hidden. It is only password protected. And the password for each of us is the same. All we need to is utter the silent word ‘yes’.

It is not a yes with an opposite of no. This ‘yes’ is the original sacred ‘YES’. It simply means, I see, I know, I feel, I remember, I Am. It is a Yes formed in the heart, not from three letters, but from one truth, the original, one, pure truth that we are. It does not pass through the lips, it emerges from the heart which means it can never be faked or cribbed from another.

Every sacred Yes is the same but there are billions of ways of saying it. We don’t create it ourselves. All we need do is recognise that it’s been there all along. That recognition is freedom.


Namaste 💖🙏💖


Being awake isn’t a final destination in itself. There are many, many layers to awakening. The further you progress, the more you feel like an outsider, an alien in your own culture, country and even planet.

You will be judged mad and delusional. But you KNOW. You know that this world we live in is masked by lies and illusions. And the unravelling of one lie leads to another. Everything you have been taught is revealed as programming. But you can’t go back to a state of compliant ignorance, you don’t want that. So, in a very real way, you feel alone.

But there is something that I have discovered that makes things easier to bear. And that is that love crosses the gulf between those that are awake and those that are still caught in the deception. Love permeates everything. Even if you live in a family, town or country where everyone still sleeps, you can still connect with them meaningfully through your heart. You can still be nourished and nourish each other by heart to heart connections of love. This is by design, sacred design.

So although you may well FEEL alone, know that this is only illusion. Right at the heart of everyone, love lives. Love lives free of the illusions, lies and manipulation of this world. It is the one aspect of each of us that is untainted. 💖


img_0952When you have the realisation – in a blinding flash or gradually over time – that your government is not your friend, is not on your side, does not have your best interests at heart – it’s a shock. It’s painful and disorienting. Governments don’t serve us. Governments serve the ruling elite. Unless you are disgustingly wealthy, your government is irrelevant to you. It’s my belief that governments of most countries are enemies of the people. They seek to divide us and take from us as much as they can possibly get away with.

It’s our job to find peaceful means to overthrow them and replace them with something representative of our interests and the interests of our planet and all the life it sustains. Wars are a manifestation of government. They do not serve humanity, yet they have been a feature of our history for centuries. Why? Because it serves the agenda of the ruling elite that see it primarily as a revenue generating mechanism and a way to establish greater control.

We have all been programmed since birth to obey and comply. It’s got to stop. It’s outrageous that we give away our power so readily. We are gullible and shortsighted. Until we learn how to stand up for ourselves and each other, we will continue to be used as nothing more than slaves. What we have to accomplish, in order to throw off the shackles of servitude, is difficult. It requires precision. On one hand, we have to get tougher, much tougher and more defiant, in order to rise up and claim back our self determination. And on the other hand, we have to cultivate our gentle and loving nature that prompts us to care for the vulnerable, protect the unprotected and love ourselves.

Whilst we are walking this knife edge, we must never waver. We will be plagued by self doubt and wonder if we are imagining the global plot against us. And we must help those that are still under the spell, that do not see clearly. With consistency and bravery, we can assist others to understand the magnitude of the deception that holds our population hostage. We can, if we choose, become beacons of hope. We can help bring about the peaceful revolution that this world is crying out for. If we listen to our hearts, we can accomplish this without a single drop of blood being shed.

We have to lose our naivety and simultaneously gain a sense of innocence that will empower us to shrug off the depravity of a world where greed and fear has distorted our natural impulse to serve each other. We have to reverse generations of programming and create a new story that represents us, inspires us and gives us the courage to fulfil our destiny.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Now the wait is over. Time is running out. We write our new story within every conscious moment as we live our extraordinary lives. Each and every one of us has a part to play, we are all needed. That is why we are here at this pivotal time. Now is not the time to play small. Now is the time to think, dream and be the very best we can be.


Living in a world where the majority of people are still unconscious is hard. I say that with a loving heart free of judgement. There is a season for everything and for whatever reason, it’s still not time for everyone to awaken. I don’t know why it’s not time, it feels as though it should be time, but I’m trying to trust that everything will unfold as and when it needs to.

What I’m finding incredibly challenging right now is to stay unattached to outcome. I feel a silent scream threatening to rip me apart as I witness the many injustices playing out, at the suffering of others and at the shameful way our planet is being disrespected.

You are not alone, if you feel like me. Wherever you are in the world, I send my love to you. I send my compassion to your heart. I send my encouragement to your spirit. I send my gratitude to you for simply being here – a beacon of light in these dark times.

Whoever you are, I love you – brother, sister, fellow traveller through this ailing world. I LOVE YOU and I value you. If you are alone amongst family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, I stand by your side. You cannot see me, but I am there and I know that you are there for me – silently, invisibly, but resolutely there.

The veil between what is seen and what is not is dissolving. I am here. A light for your light. All this noise, this brutal cacophony of sharp, ragged energy feels like a thrashing snake fighting for its survival. It hurts to watch its death throes, but watch it we must. Together. Good times are coming. They will birth from this chaos. Trust it.


frontierAre you free or are you a hostage? When I say free, I mean truly FREE. I openly admit that I’m not fully free. I experience periods of absolute freedom. And when I do!!! Well, it keeps me going. It helps me to recognise those longer spells of time when I’m not free. Times when I’m held hostage by fear and by my ego. I haven’t quite worked out whether I accomplish freedom all by myself or whether Source gifts me these moments to give me something to empirically experience so that I know beyond a shadow of doubt when I’m NOT free.

I know that my natural state is one of unbounded freedom. I remember, deep within my bones, what this freedom feels like. I attain it, when I least expect it, during meditation or during my dream time. And I experience it when the boundary of skin is experienced for what it is, an illusion where I end and the ‘outside’ world begins. I feel it at frontiers. Frontiers of my mind, frontiers at the edge of fear and most of all, frontiers at the edge of my thinking mind.

The next frontier isn’t deep space, or at least not in the way most people think of deep space. The next frontier beckons us all. In a very real way, it’s a fake frontier. It’s a 3D illusion. It’s what we’ve been programmed to believe and it’s reinforced daily by myriad outside forces. And we enforce it too. But the thing is, every last one of us knows that we are captives by choice. It’s just that we’ve forgotten.

But now, we are entering an epoch of great remembering because it’s time for the next great leap. There is now an urgency, a spiritual imperative, to leap into the next stage of our evolution CONSCIOUSLY. In a sense, we are there already. Our ‘future’ selves have already accomplished this leap. But it feels like, from where I am, and please bear with me because this is insanely difficult to articulate, this leap cannot trickle back to empower us in this now moment, because it hasn’t been anchored and claimed by us right here in this present moment.

I’m writing this as a trigger point, to remind myself and anyone who cares to listen. Because words are spells and today is a day when the veil is easier to penetrate, not just between life and what we take as death, but between the frontier we have chosen to believe can’t be crossed. But it can be crossed. Not by trying to cross it, not by any sort of endeavour, but by dismissing the idea, the concept of a frontier.

We disempower and dissolve the idea of our prison walls, or frontiers, by moving deeply into our heart space, by consolidating our energy and focusing it on the precise coordinates of this NOW moment, by opening to the flow of life, by stepping outside of our thinking mind and observing our experience from the Still Point and by dropping resistance and expectation of every kind.

And we drop the idea that this is in any way a test. It is not a test. It is something we have already completed. Trust yourself and accept yourself with unconditional love. And breathe. Breathe yourself into this reality that is yours already. It’s as simple and intuitive as your next breath. No one decides to take that next breath, we just breathe, naturally and with ease.



Whenever everything seems to be stacked against you and going wrong in your life – STOP! Because the EXACT OPPOSITE is happening. Life is trying to get your attention. The Universe is trying to draw your attention towards that which needs healing. Source is shining a big painful spotlight on an aspect of your life that is out of balance.

Because we are stubborn and lazy when it comes to learning how to live in balance, and because we tend to pull away from inner growth, Source uses whatever it can within our lives to make it impossible for us to sweep things under the carpet.

If your life isn’t going so well, it’s highly probable that you have ignored a chain of hints and pointers. When this happens, as it does with most of us, the messages get more and more urgent until we notice and DO something about it.

What it usually means is that we are resisting CHANGE. When we allow change, when we open to the movement that seeks to flow through us, we notice an alleviation of negativity. And then, if we are paying attention, we see with great clarity. We see, not a random catalogue of suffering and disasters, but an overarching meaning that connects the negative elements of our lives into a symbolic rescue package.

All at once, it is blindingly obvious what we need to do and why. We don’t use our thinking mind to gain clarity, we tune into our heart and intuition. So whenever we reach a point when everything appears to have gone wrong, we can take heart. It is at this precise point, this pivotal moment, that we are perfectly aligned with a gateway into our own deep and radical healing.

It is up to us whether we choose to take this opportunity, but the invitation forever remains. Do we move into healing or do we choose to suffer some more?

What are you waiting for?

We’ve got to resist sleepwalking through our lives at all costs. That is one of the fundamental challenges I believe we face. It’s easy to slip into predictability and focus on the little ups and downs that characterise human life.

We all take ourselves too seriously from time to time. We react to the little dramas in our lives as though they are major catastrophes. But when we open our eyes and hearts to the life that surrounds us, it’s never long before we see genuine suffering and hardship.

And that’s a big part of why we are here. We are here to cultivate and express compassion and kindness. It really doesn’t take much to imbue our lives with depth and to lift others out of the darkness. And in doing so, we transform ourselves from the inside out too.

We are always being told that we are One and that we live in a deeply interconnected world. But what does that actually mean? How can we make sense of it empirically?

As far as I’m concerned, there is only one way to explore and experience this as our personal reality. And that’s through our hearts and the power of love. Not some head nodding, dreamy eyed pseudo spiritual superficial agreeing and pontificating. It means helping, serving, living our lives as channels for God’s love to manifest in the here and now.

So many people are waiting – waiting for ascension, waiting for spiritual enlightenment, waiting for the sky to split open and for God and all the angels to swoop down and save the day or waiting for aliens to show themselves and somehow change everything.

But, this is all so PASSIVE, lazy and cowardly. And it’s never going to happen. We are here to do it for ourselves. We can ask for strength, guidance and wisdom, but ultimately if we want to create a better world, we’ve got to do it for ourselves, together and for each other. We’ve got to do it for love, nothing else. We’ve got to live our lives for love.

Life Is A Simple Game

life is a simple gameI’ve just heard the lyric, ‘life is a simple game’ in a Billy Ocean song. And it got me thinking.  It IS a game, a game of consciousness.  It SHOULD be simple AND joyous, but for most of us, it’s not simple at all, and only a joy for brief isolated moments.  I guess that’s because we don’t realise it’s a game and we take it all far too seriously.  The ego doesn’t know it’s a game.  Unlike the higher self, it is operating from a very limited perspective. So when we let the ego run the show we end up getting bogged down in all the drama, which in turn generates more drama.

Because I know it’s a game or an illusion, I’ve lost the will to care too much about it all.  I don’t mean that I don’t care about the real stuff – people, animals and nature, I really care about the life force which resides within.  But I’ve lost all interest in drama, which for me includes politics, religion, mainstream entertainment and competitive sport.  All these things have one thing in common – they are all constructs of the ego, man made institutions and schools of thought.  They don’t arise organically.  And because they are ego generated, they vibrate to the frequency of fear and lack.

Everything that arises organically is an expression of the Creator. It has come directly from the Creator as an expression of Creator’s multifaceted nature which is infinite. Humanity CAN create in a worthwhile way but only when we allow the divine creative force to flow through us.  When we serve as channels, we create without interference from the ego. And we create using the frequency of love.  But in order to successfully create in this way, we first have to align ourselves with Creator.

The world we live in is overwhelmed with negative ego generated institutions. The church, big business, banking, pharmaceuticals and government which form the bedrock of society, are rotten to the core.  Formed by megalomaniacs to subdue and control, they rule our physical world with an iron grip.

At the moment, with the majority of humans still deeply unconscious, it is futile to get rid of the existing structures. Why? Because unconscious people will only create more of the same.  You’ve  only got to look at governments to realise that changing one government for another seldom brings about positive change for the people.  Despite the hopes and promises, we always end up getting more of the same.

So what’s the solution? To do nothing.  Absolutely nothing in terms of global revolution, absolutely everything in terms of personal revolution. To drive any sort of positive change, we must not get distracted by changing the physical forms of life outside of of our personal lives.

A global grassroots revolution would play right into the hands of the elite. Any revolution would only serve as a catalyst to bring in an even more repressive system of control.  The only way to bring about lasting and authentic change is through inner healing.  When this occurs, there will be no need for an external revolution.  There will be no need to rebel or take the stance of against.

When we turn towards the source within us and simply allow our true nature to manifest, we begin to heal, first ourselves and then others. And as we heal, we bring balance and harmony into the world.  That is all that is required.  It is breathtakingly simple.  Once the desire to ‘do something’ is recognised for what it is – an ego in turmoil and without access to the bigger picture  – we can begin the work to integrate the ego into the wholeness that we are.  The ego has a role to play, but it requires management.  To allow it to manage itself and, scarily, us, is akin to relinquishing control to a child.  Egos like children require love, boundaries and guidance.

The world that we inhabit today has been created out of fear, separation and a sense of lack. The world we all want to experience can only begin to form out of love, unity and abundance.  And we, as co-creators, can only bring it forth when we allow it.  It will never emerge from the battlefields of fear, but seed itself from the meadows of unification with All That Is.


sacred circleEvery day I’m learning. Observing everything. Living consciously. Thinking for myself. It’s a bit of a theme of mine these days, looking at how life is different without mainstream news and media. And I realise that without the negative influence of ‘the news’ I am learning from other sources, more authentic sources.

The best teacher, the wisest teacher is life and nature. And friends and family too. And my feelings, watching how things feel when the heart is fully engaged. And noticing the body – how it responds to external circumstances. To be alert and awake to every moment delivers so many opportunities to grow in understanding.

What all this does is ‘localise’ my world. And this localisation condenses my influence, making it far more potent. Because when you’re not scattering your attention far and wide and expending energy on things you cannot change, you realise that the reason why you are placed within your family, your workplace, your home, your town and your country is because that’s what your soul desires and requires in order to grow. This energy that you have conserved helps you to ‘see’ and ascertain emotionally and energetically what your purpose is in this lifetime. And instead of feeling powerless to change the world at large, you feel empowered to change your immediate world.

You take responsibility for where you are NOW, geographically, circumstantially and emotionally. You imagine yourself in a circle and you take responsibility for everything that occurs within your circle. And you also acknowledge and accept that everyone else has their own circle of responsibility too. Whether they choose to create circles of fear or love is up to them. And this is so important, you recognise that all experience is valid and valuable. If another’s circle touches up or intersects with yours, it becomes part of your circle of responsibility to engage, learn and grow from the inherent lessons this presents. But, you don’t get to decide on the the energetic content of another’s circle without their express permission. Then, and only then, may you collaborate.

Condensing your energy in this way and taking control of how you use your energy and noticing what causes your energy to leak out and weaken you brings great personal power. You begin to see how your energy is used as a food source by external forces. You notice the strategies and dramas that are staged with the explicit purpose of power draining your vital life force. And once you see and understand this, you learn how to manage yourself. This means you are able to build up power within. Power building is a way to make yourself spiritually and energetically robust. It leads to an expansion of your senses – how you gather information and your sensitivity to your environment.

Once you learn how to build and maintain power in this way, your sphere of influence is much stronger. You need not concern yourself with changing the world, the world will change only when we do, one person at a time.

Are You A Conscious Shopper?

conscious shopperI go shopping, of course I do. I buy food, clothes and lots of other stuff. But, I shop consciously, I’m wide awake. What does that mean? And why does it matter?

To be a conscious shopper means that whenever and whatever you buy, you are aware of the implications of everything you buy. You consider carefully whether what you’re buying has caused pain and suffering to other people, non-human beings and Gaia. You’re constantly on the lookout for the Leaping Bunny, Fairtrade, Soil Association, Certified Organic logos and many more.

Another very important aspect of being a conscious shopper is one that many people are unaware of. To be conscious means that you are no longer subject to programming via the media and other people. You don’t buy to impress or build an identity. When you’re wide awake, you see all the subtle and not so subtle selling techniques that encourage you to buy. You realise that material possessions are just that – possessions. Cars, clothes, jewellery or houses cannot be absorbed into what makes you, YOU.

The products you buy are just things. Beautiful they may be, but they are unable to make you beautiful or ‘better than’ in any significant way. When you’re awake, you don’t buy when you have no money and you don’t buy as a form of therapy. You buy without attachment to an outcome other than the specific purpose the item was created to fulfil.

The biggest mind control trick the world has ever seen is being played out online and in every shopping mall and city street. It’s a technique that persuades people to buy even when they don’t have sufficient funds, it promises people happiness, admiration, contentment, beauty, health, popularity, sex and even the ability to defeat the ageing process. But every one of these promises hinges on a hard exchange of cash and every single one of them is a lie.

So why do people keep falling for it, over and over and over again? Why keep doing something that keeps you working longer and longer hours and empties your bank account every month? Hope. And fear. Hope that the next item of clothing, the next car, the next gadget will bring that longed for sense of completeness and happiness. And the fear that you are just not good enough as you are. Fear that you need embellishment, improvement or even a disguise to get people to love you.

Can you see what I’m describing? Do you recognise yourself? Maybe, you are like me? Perhaps you have woken up and are free of the mass programming that keeps people enslaved on this planet. If you are, be vigilant. The advertising agencies, marketeers and media folk are depth psychologists. They understand you, they know what makes you tick and they know what makes you afraid. And they use every trick in the book to reel you back in. How do I know? Because I was one of them. I used to make a living selling stuff no one needed or even wanted until the need was created in an advertising agency and fed into the collective unconscious.

Since my awakening, I’m doing what I can to redress the balance. Instead of writing persuasive copy to sell stuff nobody wants, I’m reaching out to nudge people awake. I’m spilling the beans on the hoaxes perpetrated by the sales and marketing folk. I hope I’m as successful at helping people see through the sales hype as I was at creating it.