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Seesawing Awakening

upward_spiral_by_hmdll-d67r9peSeesawing, or non-abiding awakening, is a stepping stone towards abiding enlightenment. Anyone who relates to the “I got it/I lost it” scenario should be encouraged not demotivated. It’s a process until it isn’t anymore. Back and forth, to and fro, a cyclical path that spirals ever upwards.

Being okay with the lost it phase is just as important, more so in a way, than appreciating the got it phase. Learning to witness what the ego reaches for and grasps too tightly and letting go of even the need or desire to stay in the perceived hallowed ground is where the magic happens. Realising that even though it feels like we are falling in and out of grace, this feeling is only true because we believe in it. It’s a superficial truth at best, that seems to grow in potency the more we feed it with our energy. Noticing is enough. It’s a wave on the surface. Deep, deep down below these fluctuations, the truth of who we are is unalterable, unchanging, unassailable.

Cosmic memory reminds us that as co-creators, we choose our experience in every moment. Choosing the emotion, the energy around every happening in our reality, is where our real power resides. It feels like a paradox to simultaneously go with the flow in a state of allowing and step proactively into the creative process to create from choice, but it’s not. It’s not a role we play, it’s beyond roles.




In the middle of a busy day, stillness found me. I felt it nudging me. From within, I felt it’s gentle prod. It prompted me to slowly wind down and stop. Stop doing. Stop talking. And most of all, stop endlessly thinking of the next thing and the next and the next.

Stillness found me. It carved out a place of softness and receptivity within the vastness that I am. In the darkness, in the deep silent warmth of my skin and bone vessel, it stretched out and extended itself. Who knew that I contained such a wealth of space?

And while I was still marvelling at the vast ocean of stillness, the infinite dimension of space, that I carry, while this was still unfolding, a beautiful thing happened. The very air that touched up against my skin softened, hushed and exhaled. For it had found synergy, it had met itself through me.

And not just the air, the absolute everything of materiality had felt the shift within me. And it had responded. Me a humble fragment of Life’s expression, in simply BEING that expression rather than trying to DO it, had caused a miracle to occur. Peace had found a way, through me, to manifest and settle for any and all passing by to take nourishment from, to rest, to heal. That is what can happen for anyone at anytime in any place. If we allow it by nurturing what we already are, we can be present for this to unfold for us and all life too.

Namaste 💖🙏💖


cheering woman open arms to sunrise at sea

Is it just me or do other people experience one dominant emotion for a period of time? You still have other emotions, but you live one particular emotion very strongly. You go deeply into that emotion and notice how it affects you and different areas of your inner and outer life.

My strongest emotion is currently gratitude. Not a superficial type of cliched gratitude, a dynamic take-your-breath-away kind of gratitude. It’s a gratitude that enriches everything it touches and transforms the seemingly banal into the deeply sacred. It brings me to my knees and tears open my heart with its power.

It’s sacred alchemy – gratitude. Because nothing much has changed externally and yet the deep inner reality couldn’t be more different. Happiness, peace and joy are kind of like points of view that the heart holds. These qualities that we all seek are found when we hopscotch over our egos and sit without need and minus control in the spaciousness of our hearts.

Gratitude is infectious. When we embrace gratitude and allow it to show us just one little thing that is good in our lives, it waterfalls gently and with infinite kindness into multiple areas of our lives. And then the isolating bubble of judgement, greed and ‘having less than’ pops. We wake up and the funny thing is, it’s only in this moment that we realise that we’ve been asleep. The life we thought we were living was merely a sleepwalking stumble.


You are not locked in a prison so there is no need to search for an escape route, a way out. Freedom is already here. It is within us. It is not hidden. It is only password protected. And the password for each of us is the same. All we need to is utter the silent word ‘yes’.

It is not a yes with an opposite of no. This ‘yes’ is the original sacred ‘YES’. It simply means, I see, I know, I feel, I remember, I Am. It is a Yes formed in the heart, not from three letters, but from one truth, the original, one, pure truth that we are. It does not pass through the lips, it emerges from the heart which means it can never be faked or cribbed from another.

Every sacred Yes is the same but there are billions of ways of saying it. We don’t create it ourselves. All we need do is recognise that it’s been there all along. That recognition is freedom.


Namaste 💖🙏💖


Past and future are myths. When we stop believing in them, we consolidate all our power and energy in the ever present Now moment. When we believe in linear time, we fragment ourselves by sending out our energy into the ghost lands of nonexistence. By rooting ourselves in the here and now, we reclaim our scattered energy and anchor the fullness of our energetic signature within our physical being.

This gathering in of our power through focused attention makes us incredibly potent and robust. It enables us to operate at maximum efficiency on all levels of our being. From this power point, we can dynamically heal as we learn and grow through right action and even more so through choices that didn’t have the desired effect (mistakes). A mis-take from the ‘past’ can be re-taken in the present, meaning we benefit from the knowledge accrued through being fully present and witness to what we perceived was wrongly chosen the first time.

We don’t drain ourselves with guilt or regret for ‘past’ events. Instead, we optimise the experience so that nothing is wasted. We learn and grow at an accelerated rate, because we never vacate the precise coordinate of Now. There is no linear movement. We don’t weaken our power by taking our eye off the ball by watching it ricochet forwards or backwards. We stay HERE at the centre of the unfolding story. We notice more, much more. We attune to our body. We see and hear metaphors in our external environment and notice that where skin meets air, is a mirror, not a barrier. As within so without actually means something concrete to us. It provides us with infinite knowledge and wisdom that is uniquely tailored to our requirements. Nothing more is needed. It’s perfect.


Being awake isn’t a final destination in itself. There are many, many layers to awakening. The further you progress, the more you feel like an outsider, an alien in your own culture, country and even planet.

You will be judged mad and delusional. But you KNOW. You know that this world we live in is masked by lies and illusions. And the unravelling of one lie leads to another. Everything you have been taught is revealed as programming. But you can’t go back to a state of compliant ignorance, you don’t want that. So, in a very real way, you feel alone.

But there is something that I have discovered that makes things easier to bear. And that is that love crosses the gulf between those that are awake and those that are still caught in the deception. Love permeates everything. Even if you live in a family, town or country where everyone still sleeps, you can still connect with them meaningfully through your heart. You can still be nourished and nourish each other by heart to heart connections of love. This is by design, sacred design.

So although you may well FEEL alone, know that this is only illusion. Right at the heart of everyone, love lives. Love lives free of the illusions, lies and manipulation of this world. It is the one aspect of each of us that is untainted. 💖


img_0952When you have the realisation – in a blinding flash or gradually over time – that your government is not your friend, is not on your side, does not have your best interests at heart – it’s a shock. It’s painful and disorienting. Governments don’t serve us. Governments serve the ruling elite. Unless you are disgustingly wealthy, your government is irrelevant to you. It’s my belief that governments of most countries are enemies of the people. They seek to divide us and take from us as much as they can possibly get away with.

It’s our job to find peaceful means to overthrow them and replace them with something representative of our interests and the interests of our planet and all the life it sustains. Wars are a manifestation of government. They do not serve humanity, yet they have been a feature of our history for centuries. Why? Because it serves the agenda of the ruling elite that see it primarily as a revenue generating mechanism and a way to establish greater control.

We have all been programmed since birth to obey and comply. It’s got to stop. It’s outrageous that we give away our power so readily. We are gullible and shortsighted. Until we learn how to stand up for ourselves and each other, we will continue to be used as nothing more than slaves. What we have to accomplish, in order to throw off the shackles of servitude, is difficult. It requires precision. On one hand, we have to get tougher, much tougher and more defiant, in order to rise up and claim back our self determination. And on the other hand, we have to cultivate our gentle and loving nature that prompts us to care for the vulnerable, protect the unprotected and love ourselves.

Whilst we are walking this knife edge, we must never waver. We will be plagued by self doubt and wonder if we are imagining the global plot against us. And we must help those that are still under the spell, that do not see clearly. With consistency and bravery, we can assist others to understand the magnitude of the deception that holds our population hostage. We can, if we choose, become beacons of hope. We can help bring about the peaceful revolution that this world is crying out for. If we listen to our hearts, we can accomplish this without a single drop of blood being shed.

We have to lose our naivety and simultaneously gain a sense of innocence that will empower us to shrug off the depravity of a world where greed and fear has distorted our natural impulse to serve each other. We have to reverse generations of programming and create a new story that represents us, inspires us and gives us the courage to fulfil our destiny.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Now the wait is over. Time is running out. We write our new story within every conscious moment as we live our extraordinary lives. Each and every one of us has a part to play, we are all needed. That is why we are here at this pivotal time. Now is not the time to play small. Now is the time to think, dream and be the very best we can be.


Where are you? Right now? You are in the same place as me and every other person in creation. You are here in the ever present sacred Now. You are never alone when you are fully present. Everyone that has ever drawn breath is here in this place of homecoming that is vaster than all the universes combined, more condensed than a pinhead. Here. Now. Together. United.

Everyone that you have ever loved that has passed. Everyone yet to be born again. They are here. Nothing, no imagined power, can part us. Do you feel it? You are never alone. Even when you feel isolated and lonely. It is only a faulty thought, a misunderstanding, that makes you feel that those you love are far away and out of reach.

Everything your heart desires is yours already. Even your very identity is concealed within the narrowest of moments. It waits, life waits for you to claim it. Every fragment of your experience – past, present and future – is accessible to you, NOW. You are wisdom beyond anything you can reach for. You are every solution to every perceived problem. You are mother, father, child to life.

You begin to feel this and experience this true reality when you gather yourself in, condense your power, into the only true coordinate that exists in a world of projection and illusion. And that coordinate can be found right where you are. Here. Now. Nowhere else. To be present means everything. Do not give away who you are. Do not allow the world of form to distract you and scatter your power. Whenever you feel distress of any kind know that it is because you have left the place of belonging. Come back. Return. All is well.


Living in a world where the majority of people are still unconscious is hard. I say that with a loving heart free of judgement. There is a season for everything and for whatever reason, it’s still not time for everyone to awaken. I don’t know why it’s not time, it feels as though it should be time, but I’m trying to trust that everything will unfold as and when it needs to.

What I’m finding incredibly challenging right now is to stay unattached to outcome. I feel a silent scream threatening to rip me apart as I witness the many injustices playing out, at the suffering of others and at the shameful way our planet is being disrespected.

You are not alone, if you feel like me. Wherever you are in the world, I send my love to you. I send my compassion to your heart. I send my encouragement to your spirit. I send my gratitude to you for simply being here – a beacon of light in these dark times.

Whoever you are, I love you – brother, sister, fellow traveller through this ailing world. I LOVE YOU and I value you. If you are alone amongst family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, I stand by your side. You cannot see me, but I am there and I know that you are there for me – silently, invisibly, but resolutely there.

The veil between what is seen and what is not is dissolving. I am here. A light for your light. All this noise, this brutal cacophony of sharp, ragged energy feels like a thrashing snake fighting for its survival. It hurts to watch its death throes, but watch it we must. Together. Good times are coming. They will birth from this chaos. Trust it.


All around the world people are joining together energetically to support the Standing Rock Sioux. It’s an awakening, the like of which we’ve never seen before. A million people electronically checked-in to the reservation yesterday. Their aim? To support and help protect their brothers and sisters at Standing Rock.

What happened was remarkable. It demonstrated that when we stand together as One regardless of colour, race and nationality, we are more than capable of standing up to and overcoming the ruling elite. This is one of the first examples of the 99% rising up against the corrupt and power crazed 1%. This mass check-in should give us all an inkling of what is possible when we unite for the highest good of all.

But this is only the beginning. The ruling elite aren’t going to capitulate without a fight. They have massive resources at their disposal. But, their Achilles heel is their predictability. What they will do, and always do, is seek to divide us. That’s the only way they ever win. They divert our attention away from whatever it is they are doing that we don’t want them to do and offer up a scapegoat for us to hate and vilify. And if that doesn’t work, they manufacture an event to distract us.

We’ve all got to get wise to how they operate. You cannot trust the police, military or government; they represent big business and the ruling elite, not you. And you certain can’t trust their mouthpiece, mainstream media. The sooner we all realise that our true allies are each other, the better. And by each other, I mean people of all nationalities.

We’ve got to establish networks of communication and cooperation that completely bypass state run institutions. Our world has been divided up into separate regions. It’s not just about national identity and geographical location. It’s a method that builds imaginary walls between people. And a divided people are a weakened people.

Moving forward, we have no need of walls and man made borders. As we move into a state of unity, we need to express that fundamental shift externally in the world. What we are moving towards is a seismic shift, an evolutionary leap, that requires us to learn to be simultaneously autonomous AND radically united.

It’s something that has never been experienced, a new way of living and being in the world. Autonomy and unity appear to be diametrically opposed, and that is the challenge. We have to learn to embody both ways of being and interacting with each other. It’s a path that once established will transform our inner and outer landscape. It requires us to dig deep and move from the unconscious knee jerk reactivity of an immature culture to a mindful, heart centred mature society.

As part of the process we will learn that each and every one of us has to become accountable for our world. We will no longer enjoy the luxury of placing blame on government and other structures of authority. The buck will stop with us. In truth, it always has but we have not chosen to recognise it.