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How can we all help to change the world for the better? It’s easy to feel a sense of overwhelm when confronted by tragedy, such as the attack in Manchester last week. But we are far from powerless. The biggest change we can affect, is how we live our lives. By cultivating peace within, by extending the hand of friendship to each other, by living a non-violent life in every respect (in thought, word and deed), all these steps are incredibly powerful catalysts for change on the global stage. As within so without. To consciously choose love, empathy, forgiveness, compassion for self and all others is the way we as individuals can dynamically transform our world.

We can cultivate self belief and self love. We can visualise the world we want to co-create together. The biggest hinderance is that we think, feel and act so small, when in reality we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. We have got so indoctrinated by the state into passivity, into feeling that others know what is best for us – experts, politicians, officials of every type, when we are all equipped with an inner barometer that knows what is right, just, kind and fair. We need to learn how to trust our intuitive nature, our moral compass, and listen to what it has to teach us. And we really need to stop fighting each other, we have been weakened and disabled by divide and rule tactics for centuries.

We need to get off our knees and take control of our lives. All this is possible, and more. But first, we must believe it is so by telling ourselves over and over that we are sovereign beings capable of wondrous transformation. And finally, we need to uncover that which has been hidden from us through lies, deceit,stealth and manipulation. We need to get proactive and demand access to the hidden knowledge that keeps us in the dark and misinformed. We are compliant in our own slavery and subjugation and that has to change. Until it does, nothing very much will change.


Whether you accept yourself as you are or not, there you are, you being unequivocally you. Non-acceptance of self is a threefold act of war. It’s a personal vendetta against mind, body and spirit. Like every war, no one wins.

No aspect of self can win in such a personal war. By refusing to accept yourself in your totality, you weaken and damage yourself. Acceptance of self is key to healing and mastery. Just because you accept yourself, doesn’t mean that you let yourself off the hook.

When we move deeply into acceptance, we are much better placed to change aspects of ourselves that cause us suffering. It’s always easier to help a friend, it’s ┬ánigh on impossible to help a foe. Looking at yourself through the lens of acceptance reveals a truer picture than squinting through the muddy lens of non-acceptance. Aspects of self that we are afraid to look at and examine honestly, because we fear them, multiply and gain strength, whereas aspects of self that are viewed from the still point of spacious acceptance, lose much of their power through the transformative power of loving ownership.


I haven’t posted my thoughts and feelings on the atrocities committed against the Water Protectors at Standing Rock for some time. It’s because I can’t process what’s been happening there. It’s unfathomable to me, especially when you consider the history of how shamefully the USA has treated its indigenous people.

Standing Rock represented a huge opportunity for the government to make things better, and to demonstrate they had learned from their past mistakes. Standing Rock could have been hugely symbolic in such a positive way. The government could have used this opportunity to prove to the world that they had evolved into a kinder and more inclusive society, instead they reaffirmed their ugly and brutal past, except this time the world was watching.

All around the globe we watched. We witnessed the police brutality, the humiliation, the vile way in which one human being can treat another. We saw treaties violated for profit. We saw the heavily militarised police break up peaceful prayer circles and we saw the desecration of sacred burial grounds.

Many of us sent money to support the Water Protectors. We checked in electronically to Standing Rock Reservation to confuse the police and make it harder for them to target Water Protectors. But it wasn’t enough.

The USA has become too powerful for its own good and the good of the wider world. Their arrogance is truly frightening. They didn’t care that they were committing crimes against humanity and breaking treaties because, like the schoolyard bully, they know that they are bigger and stronger than every other nation on this planet.

Some American citizens may feel this is a good thing, it could possibly make them feel safer in a world beset by wars, famine and acts of terrorism. But, consider this, and consider it carefully. The world wanted to help the Water Protectors but couldn’t because the USA is too powerful to take on. Some day, this could be you. Your government is taking your beautiful country into a police state, and they’re doing it right under your noses. And if they decide to move you all to camps, evict you from your homes, take away your land and farms, curtail your rights and impose their will on you, there is nothing we can do to protect you. Your government, your police force, your military – just as you feel they are protecting you now, they could just as easily turn against you, just like they’ve done to the Water Protectors.

On the day the Water Protectors lost their fight, we all lost. We lost in the UK, we lost in Africa and we lost in Russia. Our governments failed us because they’re too afraid to stand up to the USA, too scared of losing trade deals, too scared to do and state what is right. Our governments failed the common man and woman, both in the USA and around the world. The message was clear – profits over people. In a balanced and fair world governments are servants of the people. Now, we see clearly. Our governments are our masters and we are slaves and the only freedom we seem to be able to exercise is to choose to believe that we are free, even though this is far from our experienced reality.

If you think I exaggerate, ponder on the draconian measures already in place in the USA. From making it illegal to collect rainwater on your own property to criminalising feeding the homeless and making it an offence to grow vegetables in your own gardens. As a citizen of the UK, I’m not gloating. Quite the reverse, I’m incredibly worried, because what happens first in the USA invariably ends up crossing the pond sooner or later.


Labels don’t define us, they limit us. It doesn’t matter what label we align ourselves with. For example, we may decide to identify with the label of environmentalist. One the face of it, this seems to be a good label, a positive and proactive label. But is it really?

To declare we are this or that simultaneously sets us in opposition to all those who do not identify with this label. We establish a polarity and as a result, a tension ensues. We give others something tangible to oppose and fight against. Of course, being a guardian for the planet and a passionate activist is a noble thing. But, would it be more effective to engage with life on a moment by moment basis?

If we could cultivate an open, watchful and observant stance, perhaps we would benefit. Labels tend to funnel our thoughts, feelings and values down a narrow path. Whereas standing fetter free, we open ourselves to respond from a position of freedom and without preconceived responses.

Why do we need labels? Do we feel incomplete, vulnerable and unfinished in some way without the overlay of labels? How about feeling into what we are in essence without tags to inform others of who we are? Could we handle the humility of starting from scratch with every interaction? Could we/should we allow ourselves to be defined and then loved or rejected based solely on what we bring to the present moment?

I’ve been trying to imagine who I am without labels of any kind. It’s a disorientating exercise, but I think that’s because it’s not something we ordinarily do. When everything is stripped away, who am I? I am that I am. To be there with that. To be there with that and resist the urge to add anything…



What lies beneath a smile? It should be joy, peace, love and happiness. That’s exactly how it should be, but often it’s not the case. People use smiles to hide. It’s a way of saying that you’re okay, there’s no need to dig deeper. I’d love to know exactly what percentage of smiles are real and how many are fake. Do we choose to accept the face value of a smile? Or do we use our intuitive heart to discern what’s really going on?

Smiles can dam years of tears. Smiles can act like a STOP barrier, both from letting our true feelings out and keeping friends from helping us to heal.

During some of the darkest periods of my life, and I’ve really been down there, I’ve faced the world with a smile pinned to my face. It wasn’t a genuine smile, it was the glue that held my face together in a mask that the world wanted to see. The world can be a cold and busy place, and most people don’t have the time or inclination to really know us. So when people ask how you are, they don’t want an honest answer. What they really want is validation that everything is a-ok.

And if you run out of steam and allow your face to slump, you often get the order – smile, it won’t kill you comment – or a variation thereof. I don’t know about you, but nothing bugs me more than people demanding smiles to order.

Smiling when you are in deep emotional pain is insane. I won’t do it anymore. If you don’t want to see my pain, you know where the door is. There is nothing to fear from sadness and pain – not yours or anyone else’s. Yet people behave as if it’s contagious.

When you are deeply and authentically rooted in genuine happiness, as averse to playing out some psychotic Disneyland cheap copy of happiness, you can do immense good with your happiness. Your happiness can give people real hope, especially if you’ve been to hell and back in order to get there. It shows others that “this too shall pass” in a very real way.


Never give up. Speak your truth. Even if it seems the tide is against you and nobody is listening, keep going. Share what you know with others. If they laugh, let them laugh. If they criticise you or get angry, keep going. Don’t let your words die inside you.

In a world where many speak the same words, be the one that speaks with creative originality. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. Be bold. To self edit is madness. Too many people are frightened and want love so badly they sacrifice who they really are to gain approval and acceptance.

Life is too magnificent and precious to waste it on compromise. What a way to live! Running everything through internally time after time, wondering if what bubbles up inside you is going to make people love you more or less.

Keep your inner space clear of unwritten and unspoken words, of unfulfilled dreams and ideas. Keep you inner space as a sacred chamber, a channel waiting to be filled with light, love, peace and truth. But don’t even hang onto these sacred qualities. Keep them moving on through, out into the world. Don’t cling onto anything. More treasures are queuing up to take their place. You can only receive what you are willing to give.


I live in a world without borders. That’s my choice. I don’t look to governments to tell me that I’m English, British or European. I’m a citizen of planet Earth. It’s an important realisation. I may well still require a passport to travel. I don’t, however, need a passport to care or to be an activist.

So wherever in the world I can make a difference – and we all can – I’ll be there. I might not be physically there but I’ll write about it to raise awareness, I’ll sign petitions and donate what I can. To me that is what being a global citizen is all about.

We can all do likewise if we choose it. We can give the best of ourselves to lend support where it’s needed most, utilising our unique gifts. That’s how we realise our power. We step away from our flags and small national identities and join hands and hearts around the world.

What affects one, affects all. So it’s just as much my business whether an injustice takes place in England or Bolivia. For centuries we have been controlled and suppressed by a simple divide and rule agenda. So we do the opposite – we unite and cooperate. It’s as simple as that.

We don’t need to compete with other countries. We don’t need to strive to be at the top of whatever league tables the economists devise. What we do need to do is befriend each other. Get to know our neighbours, learn about them, cultivate curiosity and openness. When we do, we begin to realise that we have nothing to fear from our overseas brothers and sisters, nothing at all.

The problems we are experiencing are largely down to the fact that we have been manipulated into fearing and distrusting our neighbours, whilst simultaneously trusting our governments. And that is a complete reversal of what we should be doing. The enemy isn’t waiting to pounce from some foreign country. The enemy sits in government, heads up the banks, leads the armies and controls the media.

We are one planet, one people, spinning through the vastness of space. To fight and bicker is preposterous. I mean seriously unhinged. The new world is birthing right now. It’s time. A great wave of awakening is here. A tsunami of disclosures are breaking through the cloak of secrecy and deception. There has never been an easier time to push on through and grab our freedom with both hands.


The victory at Standing Rock isn’t the end of the story, far from it. But, what it could represent if we allow it is a MASSIVE turning point. Standing Rock has demonstrated what we can achieve if we stand together as ONE PEOPLE, united!

It’s shown us with absolute clarity that mainstream media are an utter irrelevance. WE ARE THE MEDIA!!!! If it weren’t for Facebook and Twitter, I for one wouldn’t have heard about what was happening. Millions of people all around the world signed petitions, checked-in to the reservation and made donations. We circumvented the media. We are the ones that got the story out. And it’s interesting that even today the BBC radio news is still silent on the victory of the Water Protectors. It speaks volumes. It tells us that the ruling elite don’t want us to see what is possible when people come together over a common cause. It’s showed what we can achieve together when we shrug off apathy and unite.

This is just the beginning of wave after wave of peaceful protest. We must continue to stand together to protect our planet. Every battle is winnable, it really is. It doesn’t matter how rich and powerful the corporation. Nothing on this earth is stronger than the concerted will of the people. We’ve go to step up and into a new role. We have demonstrated that we are the media, now we need to CLAIM our right to be policy makers too. It’s up to us. Our future, individually and collectively, is on the line.

And don’t let mainstream media’s last minute dash to cover events at Standing Rock fool you. That was a last desperate scramble of a beast on the brink of extinction desperately trying to convince us that it is still needed. Too late, far too late. Mainstream media, we are over you.


I shared this yesterday on Facebook , and today I am sharing it AGAIN here on my blog because our mainstream media are refusing to cover it. The Independent ran the story, as you can see. But what about TV news? Millions upon millions of Muslims RISKED THEIR LIVES to take part in this march, which is estimated to be the BIGGEST march to take place in the ENTIRE WORLD. They are marching AGAINST ISIS and in doing so they are sending a HUGE message to the West.

But the West doesn’t want to hear because it doesn’t fit into their narrative. We all need to think about the men, women and children who took part in this march. They have demonstrated great courage as they reach out to men, women and children around the world. They are telling us that they are a peaceful people who abhor terrorism. Muslims are just like you and me. All they want is to live their lives quietly and with dignity.

I wrote a post about Standing Rock a few days ago and how we, the people, have to be the media because the media refuse to do their jobs properly. Again, we have another example of the media failing not only Muslims, but the entire world. We will only achieve peace through communication. And if the media refuses to communicate what is happening in other parts of the world, they are blocking peace and inciting division, suspicion and fear.

Please share this widely. We are the media!

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I remember covering the Holocaust at school. We were horrified. We couldn’t understand how the people of Germany and the rest of the world could stand by and let millions of Jewish people perish. And then, years later, all those awareness raising campaigns that pledged, “Never Again”.

From the moral high ground, we judged the people of the 1940’s and in our smugness, we were proud – the British and Americans – that we were better than that, better than Nazi Germany. And yet, for all our good intentions, heroic speeches and vows of creating a more humane world, what do we see unfolding daily, right now?

We bear witness to the massacre of innocents in Syria, we see desperate people drown at sea trying to reach refuge, we see millions die from preventable diseases in cash-poor countries, we see fragile souls dying of hypothermia on the streets of the richest cities in the world. And we see undocumented numbers of people dying from inadequate health care. But that is not the same people cry. Is it not? How is it different? I think it is the same. We could help, we could end the suffering, but we choose to allow it. Do you think it matters to a dying person whether they are killed in a gas chamber or bombed/drowned/froze…No, it’s all the same. And it’s not because people are inherently evil, it’s because they are indifferent or imagine it’s somebody else’s problem.

There is a truth that the ruling elite don’t want us to realise. They want us to identify with our country of origin. And crucially, they want us to be patriots, because to be patriotic is to be obedient to the state. And above all else, they want us to pledge allegiance to our governments over the everyday people of other countries. They want us to stand together behind our politicians and our military. They want to divide us from each other. They cry “look after our own first”, as if this is a noble sentiment, but in reality they don’t even want us to do that. What they really want to inspire within us is a dog eat dog and an I’m alright Jack mentality. We are puppets in training.

We have far more in common with the people of France, Brazil, India or Pakistan, than the politicians who sit isolated in government or the moguls that get rich off the back of the working people. Ultimately there isn’t an us and them, but there is a privileged ruling elite that span the globe. They include royalty, corporate leaders, bankers, military and politicians. They are the seeds of the new world order, already in situ, waiting, biding their time until the climate is ripe for a decisive takeover.

But even with all their wealth and perceived power, they are weak and vulnerable, because in the end it’s a numbers game. We are many and they are few. And that is what they don’t want us to realise, so they disempower us through psychological warfare, poor diet, distraction and misinformation.

They have no power but the power we give away. And we are giving it away, every day in every way imaginable. Those of us that point to the truth are marginalised and ridiculed. But that doesn’t alter truth, it only affects our ability as a people to respond to truth. The ruling elite know this, they depend on it, and they convince the weakest amongst us to act as their thought-police. A self-policing force who mistakenly think they serve good, when in reality all they really stand for is the corrupt establishment and their impending slavery.