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International Women’s Day


Photo by Yawar Nazir/ Getty Images

I watched Suffragette last night so I could really focus on what today is all about. At the end of the film, they listed all the countries that ‘gave’ the vote to women. I had no idea there were so any countries where women only got this most basic of freedoms until relatively recently. And there are STILL places where women are unable to vote today. Women have suffered thousands of years of oppression, abuse, persecution, rape, genital mutilation and murder. We must never forget that, ever. The reason we must never forget is so that we ensure that this never happens again – not only to women – but to any group of people, whether that be defined by religion, colour, sexual orientation or race.

I am sitting here in the UK, sharing my thoughts with women all over the world. It is my right to do so as an autonomous human being. I am FREE. Many of our sisters are not free. Today, I pay homage to the women who fought so heroically and tirelessly for my freedom and I bow my head in solidarity for my hidden sisters that still suffer under the yoke of oppression. Peace be with all men and women, united as One.

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Pathway of the Pioneer

PATHWAY OF THE POINEERAccording to estimates, there are 7 billion of us alive on planet Earth today. Each one of us is a portal or channel for love to be grounded into the physical. Can you image? 7 BILLION people ALL channelling love!!! Just thinking about that as a POSSIBILITY makes me swoon. It fills me with excitement and hope for the future of mankind.

Of course, we aren’t doing that. If we were, the planet would be the most sublimely beautiful place in existence. However, that is what Source invites us to do. Everyone who incarnates here comes with a unique gift, a passion if you like. That is our key.

Because anyone that is living their passion (purpose) is channelling love. Our passion is something we are born with, it’s a gift from Creator. And it’s never just for us. A passion lived changes our frequency. It raises our vibration so that we become a beacon, radiating light coded energy that ripples out into infinity. It never stops because it is pure energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Everything our energy encounters is affected. You can see why the world is the way it is. Many people channel fear, anger, lack, bitterness and hopelessness. This lower, heavier vibration radiates ever outwards too, polluting everything and everyone it encounters.

People emit lower vibrational frequencies for many reasons, but one of the major contributory factors stems from people spending their days, weeks, months and years doing stuff that makes them deeply unhappy. The powers that control our world harness us into lives of servitude. Life has been set up so that the vast majority of people only have enough to survive rather than thrive. We are living like dairy cows, shackled to a machine that sucks us dry and then discards us. Okay, it’s a pretty extreme analogy, but you get the point. But here’s the exciting part – unlike dairy cows we have a CHOICE. We don’t have to remain hooked up to the machine. We can step away at any time.

The problem we are facing at the moment is the vast majority of us don’t even realise we’re hooked up. We don’t realise we are fuel that feeds the machine. We naively think we are free, and of course free people don’t need to liberate themselves. That’s pretty much where most people are right now. It’s the biggest scam in the Universe and billions have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

Until now. It’s the easiest thing in the world to liberate yourself. It’s ridiculously easy. You don’t need to fight for your freedom. Fighting is resisting what is and it doesn’t work. The secret to your liberation is straightforward. Right now, from this moment in time, you declare yourself a free and sovereign being with no master. You repeat it to yourself every day, numerous times a day, until you start to believe it, until you start to believe in yourself. And then you make CHOICES, not fake choices from a predetermined selection that society offers you. No, you make REAL AUTHENTIC CHOICES based on what you really want. Don’t know what you really want? Try harder. You’ve got to break through a lifetime of negative programming and a herd mentality. What do you REALLY want? Feel into it. Think about those special moments in your life when you felt carefree, empowered and happy. What were you doing? Maybe you were pursuing a hobby. It doesn’t matter. Introduce an element of that into your life. Don’t think practically. Go with your imagination and trust that solutions and support will come to you.

Because that is also one of the biggest secrets that has been kept from you – you are able to manifest exactly what you need, right when you need it. Don’t believe me? Why not? Have you tried? People aren’t born knowing how to ride a bike, they have to practice, fall off, practice, again and again until they get the hang of it. It’s the same with manifestation. Practice makes perfect.

From your very first independent step, you are free. Long before you accomplish your goal, you are free. Why? Because you have grasped life, you are living a self determining life, and that makes all the difference in the world. Energetically, you look and feel different. You are lighter, unbound and open to possibility. The harness is off. You are living a life, no longer surviving, you are thriving and as a result you’re making it easier for others to follow in your pioneering pathway because your ENERGY frequency has changed. You are radiating a higher vibrational frequency that assists others, rather than a lower vibrational frequency that hinders. That is your gift to the world. As you gift yourself, you automatically gift creation. And that is the joyous reality that awaits us all.

Connecting Energetically to Animals


JasperI want to share something very special with you. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I share my home with Jasper. Jasper is a 12 month old German Shepherd who stole my heart the very first time I saw him at 2 weeks old. Eyes barely open and able to fit snugly in the palm of my hand, I felt a part of my heart, that I didn’t even know existed, open with loving tenderness.

I’ve grown to love Jasper even more since the very first time I held him. We’ve bonded. He is family and he knows it. At 12 months old he is confident, gentle and incredibly well adjusted. And now, to the point of my story.

Yesterday, as usual, Jasper raced up the stairs with me, to lie on the bed whilst I got changed to go out. I was just about to pet him and ‘baby talk’ to him when a voice in my head quietly but firmly told me to connect with him as an equal. I climbed onto the bed alongside him, head to head. I spoke very gently to him, telling him how much I loved him, and that’s when everything changed. I felt a shift from within me and also coming from him. He stopped wriggling and went very still. I looked deeply into his eyes, something I know animal behaviourists advise against, and BAM.

We connected with such intensity. He returned my gaze, steadily and with such love. And then my inner eye opened and I saw what was taking place on an energetic level. I could ‘see’ my body and Jasper’s as pure energy. Sparkling, iridescent strands of golden light, and as I touched him, our energies blended and danced together. My eyes brimmed with tears as I felt with incredible clarity his love for me, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that he felt my love for him.

Not only could I feel his love, I could also feel his essence, his beautiful doggy soul. I felt so privileged to experience this connection. I was in awe of my beautiful dog, except it felt wrong to call him ‘my’ dog after I had felt into his personhood, his soul. I knew he was a beautiful being in his own right and belonged to no one but himself.

Since then, something quite fundamental has happened. I’ve stopped talking to him as my baby and in its place, a deeply loving and mutually respectful relationship has been founded. He is even more affectionate, sticks closer to me and we have an energetic bond that we both feel. To be able to connect and communicate non verbally is such an honour. I had no idea I could do this, and that’s why I’m sharing this here with you. If you share your life with an animal friend, perhaps this is something you could try to initiate. I promise you the experience is deeply rewarding for you and your animal companion.

Do You Feel Disconnected?

field of infinite possibilities

This is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever written. It’s a blog about not being able to write, which for me, means feeling disconnected from my Higher Self and Source. Then I got to thinking, this will be applicable for everyone, because although everyone isn’t a writer, we all go through times when we feel a sense of disconnection.

Maybe you are a painter that feels uninspired and unable to paint or an entrepreneur that just can’t come up with your next great idea. It doesn’t matter how we express, the feeling of disconnection is the same. And that’s the point, it’s a FEELING, not reality. In reality, it is impossible to be disconnected from your Higher Self or Source, but thinking it makes it FEEL as if this is what has happened.

So what do you do? Do you wait for inspiration? That’s exactly what I used to do. And the longer I waited, the surer I was that I’d been cast adrift. It’s one of those situations that gets worse the longer it goes on and kind of works like a self fulfilling prophesy. So you’ve got to call your own bluff.

In my case, because I write, I just sit down and prepare to write fully expecting to produce something. And hey presto, the words unfurl from that place within, the place that up to a second ago, seemed empty, and then…it wasn’t. What happened? Well, a couple of things. Firstly, I reprogrammed my thoughts and expectations by inserting a new thought into the programme. The programme is your thinking mind, the part of you that pretends to be you, but isn’t really you at all. So all I did was give this tool (mind) a new instruction. And the instruction came from…the place that KNOWS the connection can’t be severed. EVER.

Secondly, I aligned myself with the present moment, with Now. Now is where everything emerges from and returns to. I pulled my attention away from a non-existent future where I didn’t manage to write anything and settled deeply into the Now, which is the only place or space that we connect with Higher Self and Source.

Although what I’ve described is a process I use to write, it can be used for anything. The ego mind WANTS you to believe you’re all alone because that thought ensures its survival, it makes you think and feel that your mind is all you’ve got. It’s kind of like having an enemy in the camp and it wants nothing more than to run the show. But when we use it as a TOOL rather than misidentifying it for who we really are, then it’s useful. But you’ve got to show it who’s boss.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t necessarily trust and believe in your thoughts and feelings. If they’re sabotaging your life, look deeper and feel into what’s causing them. What are your belief systems about life? About yourself? I’ve found that most blocking thoughts and negative feelings stem from a sense of lack. And they come from the ego. The self KNOWS that life is abundant, infinitely creative and effortlessly supportive. We’ve all experienced being in the flow, where everything you need simply comes to you. Life can be like that ALL the time, not just in those golden moments we try and cling to. Let go and trust. The cupboard is never empty, but thinking it can appear to make it so.

are you feeling blocked

The Power of Magnificent Older Women



There are many ways of expressing and embodying freedom. One of the big ones for women, is to step outside of the rules that have been laid down for us. The rules state that we must hide our natural beauty as ageing women, that we must pretend to be like our younger sisters. We must dress like them, try to make our skin and bodies look like theirs and hide our wisdom behind the giggling uncertainty that is a natural feature of young girls.

Well, screw that! Hahaha, why would we hide what makes us so gloriously beautiful? It is our wisdom and we have earned it through love, loss, caring and living ALL of our years. Our years have made us. Why would we deny them? And our younger sisters, what of them without strong, authentic older women living freely and wildly expressing, asserting what it is to be woman coming into the ripeness of wisdom? Will we teach them to fear their power? Will we teach them to hide from the years or will we show them what a free woman looks like?

Lots of women my age seem to trail an apology in their wake. They’re sorry that they’re lined, grey, too fat, too thin, too whatever. Shadow women trying to blend in and hide. And I want to pull them out into the light and drape them in beautiful colours and crystals and flowers. I want them to love themselves, for themselves, exactly as they are. Because I love me in this way and I want to share with them how magnificent we are, us older women.

And I want to tell them, don’t be so damned polite and accommodating. Let yourself go, be who you are deep down when no one is watching. Be that and no matter how old you are, the world will fall in love with you.

Who’s pulling your strings?

puppet strings



I’ve come across two stories in the news today. The first one was asking whether there should be a ban on schoolgirls wearing the veil. The second reported that a school has told parents not to wear their pyjamas when dropping their kids off at school in the morning. Two different stories with a common theme – control.

It got me thinking. Surely, in a supposedly free society, WE get to choose what WE will wear? Not schools, not the police and certainly not the government. We need to be very careful. If we submit to these infringements, if we allow authority figures to dictate the minutiae of our lives, one day in the not too distant future we are going to wake up living in a draconian world where Big Brother says jump and we ask how high.

It doesn’t matter whether you think parents should get dressed before doing the school run or whether Muslim schoolgirls should wear the veil. That misses the point entirely. The point is you get to choose for yourself and everyone else is afforded the same liberty. By attempting to legislate in favour of obedience and conformity at this micro level in our lives, governments are grooming us. They are training us to conform and obey, and their aim is to stifle individuality and encourage uniformity. And of course obedience is obedience, from the seemingly small details of life right through to the fundamentals of what it is to be a free human being. The mechanism of compliance is the same.

Don’t you see what is happening? They are testing the water. They are seeing how we respond to state involvement in our private lives. They are exploring how passive we are. In some states in the U.S., it is illegal to collect your own rainwater. At many schools in the U.K., children are sent home if they have the ‘wrong’ haircut. These are just two examples of how our rights are being eroded by an overzealous state.

Firstly, they chip away at our individuality, our quirkiness, our uniqueness– in other words they want to banish freedom of expression and cultivate an army mentality. They want us to be indistinguishable from the next person, so that anyone flouting the rules immediately stands out as being different. Being different equates to a threat. And people self-regulate when they have been indoctrinated in this way. They either ridicule those that don’t conform or they turn informant.

Secondly, they seek to disempower us. And this is the biggie. From cradle to grave we are indoctrinated into a system that seeks to take away our power, or convince us that we had none in the first place, and encourage us to abdicate responsibility to the state. And the reason they do this is because they fear what we are becoming. They know that an evolution of consciousness is underway. And they are doing everything within their power to stop it.

So next time, before you get offended by the differences you perceive in another, stop and feel into why you feel offended. Is it your own thoughts and feelings that are leading you or are your strings being pulled? Have you been conditioned to respond to difference and individuality from a position of fear and negativity? Go within and feel into where it’s coming from.