Are you an out-of-timer?

I feel like a woman born out of time and I’m guessing many others feel the same way too. When you’re a woman or a man out of time, you feel that you don’t fit into the prevailing culture. The values of that culture (not the values the culture professes it imbues to make it feel good) , but the real values it demonstrates daily – greed, obsession with material belongings, deep suspicion of difference, fear of authenticity, the adoration of money, worship of the cult of celebrity & the cult of youth – leave you cold.


You’ve had periods in your younger life when you’ve tried to conform to the norms of this ailing culture because you didn’t want to walk alone. So you sought solace and companionship by dancing in time to a drum that wasn’t your own. The rhythm made you sick, so sick that you had to give up the insane dance and set off solo dancing to a drum that created music nobody else could hear.

It’s not like you have been born in the wrong time, rather that you feel as if you’ve been born into the wrong dimension. Everything feels a little off. It’s like you see all the people out there going about their business, and your heart wants to reach out to their hearts, but the code or the language isn’t compatible. You see the good in them, the love, the longing, the kindness and many other noble qualities, but it’s kind of skewed because their vibration is all wrong, or your is, or both. It’s not a question of blame or judgement, it’s just what it is.

You wonder why no one wants to ask the big questions, unravel the deepest mysteries and journey deep into the inner cosmos of their being, because for you, that is your primary motivating force. So instead, you watch them in bewilderment. They are bystanders to life, or so it seems to you. They think you are too intense, too serious and a little wacky.

Sensing a shift…

As the years pass, decades in my case, you sense a shift. You start to come across people like you. They’re from all different walks of life, from every country of the world and they FEEL right. It doesn’t matter if they share the same beliefs as you or not, because we’re all still figuring it out. But they resonate. They use the same codes to communicate with you – mostly non-verbal. They are family.

These family members are ‘out-of-timers’ too. Some say they’re from different star systems, others call themselves Lightworkers or healers or mystics or whatever. Some still use the terms Christian or Muslim, which is fine too because they come from a place beyond labels and definitions and the need to define what they are will soon come to an end. More and more of us are coming forward. We’re stepping out of the shadows because it’s TIME. It’s time for the out-of-timers, which sounds kind of funny. And the reason it’s time is because we are on the outer edges of no time, an end of illusion. This is our due date, we can sense it. A new world is birthing itself out of the old and the out of timers are the midwives – men, women and even children.

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