In Gratitude

Today I feel deep gratitude for the constant stream of loving guidance I receive from Source. I pledge to love myself more fully by allowing and responding to the prompts from my Higher Self.

I give thanks to the wonder of my physical body that is so much more than the flesh and bones of it. Encoded within every cell is a vast database that carries everything I need to flourish and prosper on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. I undertake to honour my body for all that it is, not merely as a device for navigating the physical.

I also undertake to develop a more intimate bond with my body and I vow to nourish it well – with love, excerise, food, rest and stimulation. I understand that I am neither 100% physical nor 100% spiritual, but a sacred combination of the two. By nurturing one aspect of myself, I nurture all that I am.

I strive for balance, harmony and wholeness in all that I am, all that I do, all that I feel, express and create. Today, I pledge all this to myself, not from a position of should but from a heart centred response to the Love that created me.








I am giving birth to myself,

That is what is happening here.

A new life is birthing itself from the old

And I am midwife, mother and child.

I am the process of awakening

And I am its glorious outcome.


This half-life, this shadow world,

Jostling with loss and pain and fear

Is not real, it is nothing compared to

The indescribable magnificence

That is concealed behind and within

What most of us accept and call life.


And now, it is falling away,

It is dissolving,

Hour by hour and day by day,

My faith, my love for this life of Oneness,

Is nudging me from darkness into light,

From separation towards unity.


This new life is the life I was born for,

I exist in a world where the idea of me

Is, was and will be.

I inhabit a world within a world,

A world that is neither past nor future.

This new, joyful existence is no dream.


I am birthing this world

Into physical reality.

I am stepping into the creative process

And weaving a world from the very strands

Of Life itself, from the building blocks of creation.

I am awake, I am aware, I am Love made manifest.


© Sue Claughton, 2016


As It Is






Wholeness creates a spaciousness of silence;

A silence with a voice so unimaginably loud,

So expressively deep, that its tone is nothing on the ear.

I rest and am consumed and am born again;

Over and over, until the knowing is forgotten.

In the narrowest of moments that is All Moments.


Experiencing deep silence, deep, deep peace, so vast

It tips my senses to excess and expands my awareness

To that which cannot be quantified.

Rocketing out to fill and overfill the heavens.

And back again, to rock in the sacred, hidden moment

Of nowhere, no time, no sound, no-thing.


Within and without dissolves for a second,

The memory of the moment echoes,

Spreading tentacles of remembrance,

Soul prompts, leading the way back home.

Birth, death and love revolve

Through the framework of my being,

What Is and What Is Not, in balance – together.


A fracturing of thought allows me to experience

The One Act that lasts for all eternity

In the timeless history of my being.

Hope has died within the moment; it is not needed anymore,

And regret for loss of the moment is meaningless now.

I have it all and I have nothing,

Sometimes I know it and that is As It Is.


© Sue Claughton, 2016

Who’s pulling your strings?

puppet strings



I’ve come across two stories in the news today. The first one was asking whether there should be a ban on schoolgirls wearing the veil. The second reported that a school has told parents not to wear their pyjamas when dropping their kids off at school in the morning. Two different stories with a common theme – control.

It got me thinking. Surely, in a supposedly free society, WE get to choose what WE will wear? Not schools, not the police and certainly not the government. We need to be very careful. If we submit to these infringements, if we allow authority figures to dictate the minutiae of our lives, one day in the not too distant future we are going to wake up living in a draconian world where Big Brother says jump and we ask how high.

It doesn’t matter whether you think parents should get dressed before doing the school run or whether Muslim schoolgirls should wear the veil. That misses the point entirely. The point is you get to choose for yourself and everyone else is afforded the same liberty. By attempting to legislate in favour of obedience and conformity at this micro level in our lives, governments are grooming us. They are training us to conform and obey, and their aim is to stifle individuality and encourage uniformity. And of course obedience is obedience, from the seemingly small details of life right through to the fundamentals of what it is to be a free human being. The mechanism of compliance is the same.

Don’t you see what is happening? They are testing the water. They are seeing how we respond to state involvement in our private lives. They are exploring how passive we are. In some states in the U.S., it is illegal to collect your own rainwater. At many schools in the U.K., children are sent home if they have the ‘wrong’ haircut. These are just two examples of how our rights are being eroded by an overzealous state.

Firstly, they chip away at our individuality, our quirkiness, our uniqueness– in other words they want to banish freedom of expression and cultivate an army mentality. They want us to be indistinguishable from the next person, so that anyone flouting the rules immediately stands out as being different. Being different equates to a threat. And people self-regulate when they have been indoctrinated in this way. They either ridicule those that don’t conform or they turn informant.

Secondly, they seek to disempower us. And this is the biggie. From cradle to grave we are indoctrinated into a system that seeks to take away our power, or convince us that we had none in the first place, and encourage us to abdicate responsibility to the state. And the reason they do this is because they fear what we are becoming. They know that an evolution of consciousness is underway. And they are doing everything within their power to stop it.

So next time, before you get offended by the differences you perceive in another, stop and feel into why you feel offended. Is it your own thoughts and feelings that are leading you or are your strings being pulled? Have you been conditioned to respond to difference and individuality from a position of fear and negativity? Go within and feel into where it’s coming from.






Bluebells are purple

Around my head,

Their indigo halo

Stems my verdant absorption.

Warmed by sweet earth

I float in easy undulation,

And the great heart beats,

A distant pulse against my back.


The breeze comes from far away,

It carries a silver light,

Hazing, softening,

Making all I see, dreamlike

And beautiful.

My skin stops me

From dispersing on the wind,

Like so many seeds,

Lured to colourful creation,

So I implode,

A microcosm of sacred stars.


Gazing at the sky,

The sunshine is blue;

Reaching down to me

Through fluttering green,

It warms my face.

My focus scatters,

Expanding into light;

I am a flower,

Unfolding from the heart,

Within a ring of dancing bells.

 © Sue Claughton, 2016

Ready or Not

You hold the entire world within You.
The world doesn’t contain you, you contain it.
You have created this world unconsciously;
Your emotions have coloured it,
Your desires and fears have textured it,
Your passions have animated it,
Your thoughts have shaped it,
Your uninformed prejudices have shaded it.
Do you like what you have created?
Or could you create better?

The time for unconscious creation
has come to an end.
It’s time to consciously create
A world far beyond this three dimensional
Slash and splash of unrestrained knee jerk reactivity.
It’s time to stretch into deeper dimensions.
Do you know how?
Can you reach beyond the flimsy barricade
That boxes you into false limitation?
Do you dare?

You are an artist without an audience,
Yet you do have a benefactor.
Your benefactor knows your worth,
Understands your prevarication,
Yet has grown weary of the false humility
You use as a prop to excuse your impotence.
A benefactor is a figure of support, a well wisher
Who fires your creative expression through
Nurturing and sustaining you, until you are ready
To stand alone, self nourished and free of limitation.

This time of weening must stop,
Or how else will you thrive in full knowing,
Of what and who you have the potential to become?
Evolve or die. Grow or wither.
It’s not exactly now or never,
But if not now, when?
The world is waiting with bated breath for You,
And only You. Do you sense the anticipation
Of a world on the edge of the precipice,
Of awakening from the dream of You?

You inhabit an empty theatre,
No one waits in the wings,
You are alone on the stage of existence.
What play will you stage?
A tragedy? A drama?
Or will you step free of the stage,
Abandoning its narrow confines
And reach into the impenetrable darkness,
Beyond the spotlights and far beyond the auditorium,
To be the star that you’re destined to become?

© Sue Claughton, 2016

I am a prayer

My life is a prayer to God.

Every breath I take thrums

With the life force that sustains me.

Every step I take is a lesson

That shows me again and again

How I may conquer my fear

And come home to myself.

Yet I am never far from home,

Less than a moment away,

And every atom that shapes me

Is default set to guide me to my bliss.


On the outside my life may seem unremarkable,

But deep within, I am an extraordinary being of light

Who is immersed in the sea of creation.

Yet I guard this secret well, even from myself.

Apart from sometimes, when the veil slips

And I stretch effortlessly into infinity.


But even when I perceive myself falsely

And my light appears to dim,

Even then, when I go within

I feel my skin straining to contain me,

For fear my true nature will break free,

Shattering my limited illusions before I am ready.

Even now, as I sit here quietly,

I can feel it, a tipping point, a balancing act

As who I think I am wrestles with who I know myself to be.


I am God’s love, God’s joy, God’s peace.

I didn’t think I was big enough to hold so much

But I find that I am vast, immense beyond belief.


Can you feel it too?

That gentle hum like a million fluttering doves.

That is you, your essence,

Vibrating, pulsating with the heartbeat of creation.

You are amazing, you are beautiful,

You and I are everything

And we are nothing.

We are free, we are unbound,

We are the silent sound,

Sharing a dream of physicality.

© Sue Claughton, 2016


My world the sky,

Everything I know,

I see there first.

Every piece of my life, every beat of my heart

Brought me here to this hilltop,

To remind me of what I most need to know;

Love is all there is, and was, and will be.


Every fear, every moment of pain,

Every hour of confusion, is forgotten here.

This blessed landscape, territory of the soul and

Homeland of the heart is as close as my blood,

As intimate as my bones, more real than my dreams.

Every loss becomes healed in this wild space,

Where I am completely alone but never lonely.


I want to shout my name across the valleys,

Cry out loud to the mountain peaks:

This is my home, this is where I am at my best,

This is where I belong, unconditionally and forever.

In this blissful space amongst the hills and clouds

I can call to the heavens and hear them answer;

They are in me and of me, an indivisible whole.

© Sue Claughton, 2016

God’s Song

My heart is singing a song,

Can you hear it?

It sings across time and through space.

It is the song I was born with,

Yet it will not die with me.

My song will go on,

Reverberating beyond the imagined universe

Where distant souls will catch the cadence

Of its call. And they will remember.


My song will make you weep,

It will raise you up,

You will laugh with joy,

You will smile as you recognise it,

Because somehow you know

You’ve heard my song before.


You already know me,

Remember sweet soul,

We are all One and this world

Of separation is illusion.

My song will help you see…

Trust me, let it speak

Its truth and allow you to unlock yours.


My song is a thing of sacred beauty,

Singing, harmonising, keeping beat

With the symphony of creation itself.

Its notes will cross galaxies,

Permeate stars,

Infusing the heavens

With a prayer of loving devotion.


I hear your song too,

It is beautiful beyond measure,

Your unique creation.

Yet it is not a song I hear with my ears,

Your divine signature tune

Was created as a wake up call,

A summons from the One Soul

To all of us.


We are both, you and I,

The songwriter, the singer and the audience,

That is the divine beauty that we create here.

We are all singing, every one of us,

And every time a new voice is raised,

The sacred song shifts to accommodate and embrace it.

And this song is the song of life,

It is God’s Eternal Love Song to us all,

And it is beautiful.

© Sue Claughton, 2016

The New

cosmic weaver




The new is always near,

Nudging, welcoming and calling us.

It waits right on the outer edge of our knowing

Like a word you can’t quite shape with your lips,

Waiting to be plucked like a cosmic cherry.

You can reach for it and claim a taste

If you don’t try too hard,

If you simply allow what’s yours to come to you.


Portals that open into newness are everywhere,

You don’t need a key, just a code.

And the codes are threefold:

Stillness, silence and space.

One, the other, or all three of them will do it.

In less than a heartbeat, you’ll be there.


What is the new?

Can newness exist as an energetic force

In the field of infinite possibility?

Do you belief in newness?

In life, creatively exploring and expressing itself?

If you dismiss newness as a pleasing concept

Or sell it short,

It will surely stay conceptual for you,

A half-remembered dream to taunt your starving soul.


It’s the place that artists, inventors and pioneers

Slip into without effort.

It’s where dreams are hooked and reeled back in

To become the nectar that sustains us all.

It belongs to no one and everyone.

It’s our place. Yours and mine.

Sometimes, we veer off course in dreamtime

And stay awhile. We half remember it and then shrug

It off like some opulent gown that doesn’t belong to us.


We are too humble. It fits us fine.

This magical, multidimensional wonderland.

It’s our homeland. It’s where we came from

And someday, it’s where we will return.


I choose this now, before I am called back.

I choose it because there is no other choice,

I cannot deny who and what I am.

I am a weaver of dreams, of new patterns,

Of unique designs, of unimagined colours,

Of a cloth that no hands, however deft, could weave.

I am a cosmic tapestry weaver and my work is eternal.

© Sue Claughton, 2016