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In Gratitude

Today I feel deep gratitude for the constant stream of loving guidance I receive from Source. I pledge to love myself more fully by allowing and responding to the prompts from my Higher Self.

I give thanks to the wonder of my physical body that is so much more than the flesh and bones of it. Encoded within every cell is a vast database that carries everything I need to flourish and prosper on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. I undertake to honour my body for all that it is, not merely as a device for navigating the physical.

I also undertake to develop a more intimate bond with my body and I vow to nourish it well – with love, excerise, food, rest and stimulation. I understand that I am neither 100% physical nor 100% spiritual, but a sacred combination of the two. By nurturing one aspect of myself, I nurture all that I am.

I strive for balance, harmony and wholeness in all that I am, all that I do, all that I feel, express and create. Today, I pledge all this to myself, not from a position of should but from a heart centred response to the Love that created me.