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All around the world people are joining together energetically to support the Standing Rock Sioux. It’s an awakening, the like of which we’ve never seen before. A million people electronically checked-in to the reservation yesterday. Their aim? To support and help protect their brothers and sisters at Standing Rock.

What happened was remarkable. It demonstrated that when we stand together as One regardless of colour, race and nationality, we are more than capable of standing up to and overcoming the ruling elite. This is one of the first examples of the 99% rising up against the corrupt and power crazed 1%. This mass check-in should give us all an inkling of what is possible when we unite for the highest good of all.

But this is only the beginning. The ruling elite aren’t going to capitulate without a fight. They have massive resources at their disposal. But, their Achilles heel is their predictability. What they will do, and always do, is seek to divide us. That’s the only way they ever win. They divert our attention away from whatever it is they are doing that we don’t want them to do and offer up a scapegoat for us to hate and vilify. And if that doesn’t work, they manufacture an event to distract us.

We’ve all got to get wise to how they operate. You cannot trust the police, military or government; they represent big business and the ruling elite, not you. And you certain can’t trust their mouthpiece, mainstream media. The sooner we all realise that our true allies are each other, the better. And by each other, I mean people of all nationalities.

We’ve got to establish networks of communication and cooperation that completely bypass state run institutions. Our world has been divided up into separate regions. It’s not just about national identity and geographical location. It’s a method that builds imaginary walls between people. And a divided people are a weakened people.

Moving forward, we have no need of walls and man made borders. As we move into a state of unity, we need to express that fundamental shift externally in the world. What we are moving towards is a seismic shift, an evolutionary leap, that requires us to learn to be simultaneously autonomous AND radically united.

It’s something that has never been experienced, a new way of living and being in the world. Autonomy and unity appear to be diametrically opposed, and that is the challenge. We have to learn to embody both ways of being and interacting with each other. It’s a path that once established will transform our inner and outer landscape. It requires us to dig deep and move from the unconscious knee jerk reactivity of an immature culture to a mindful, heart centred mature society.

As part of the process we will learn that each and every one of us has to become accountable for our world. We will no longer enjoy the luxury of placing blame on government and other structures of authority. The buck will stop with us. In truth, it always has but we have not chosen to recognise it.