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In the middle of a busy day, stillness found me. I felt it nudging me. From within, I felt it’s gentle prod. It prompted me to slowly wind down and stop. Stop doing. Stop talking. And most of all, stop endlessly thinking of the next thing and the next and the next.

Stillness found me. It carved out a place of softness and receptivity within the vastness that I am. In the darkness, in the deep silent warmth of my skin and bone vessel, it stretched out and extended itself. Who knew that I contained such a wealth of space?

And while I was still marvelling at the vast ocean of stillness, the infinite dimension of space, that I carry, while this was still unfolding, a beautiful thing happened. The very air that touched up against my skin softened, hushed and exhaled. For it had found synergy, it had met itself through me.

And not just the air, the absolute everything of materiality had felt the shift within me. And it had responded. Me a humble fragment of Life’s expression, in simply BEING that expression rather than trying to DO it, had caused a miracle to occur. Peace had found a way, through me, to manifest and settle for any and all passing by to take nourishment from, to rest, to heal. That is what can happen for anyone at anytime in any place. If we allow it by nurturing what we already are, we can be present for this to unfold for us and all life too.

Namaste 💖🙏💖