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timeIt is said that time is an illusion, that there is only the eternal Now moment. It’s either a truth or a lie, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe it is simultaneously true and untrue. Perhaps the answer isn’t meant to be known to us, as we live our physical lives.

Either way, life is precious. And for the sake of analysis, we can all agree that a human life from birth to death follows a linear pathway. Time, or a series of Now moments, pass inexorably and then the day arrives when the clock stops. And we cease to exist as physical beings in this particular here and now.

So it doesn’t really matter whether we believe in time or not, because time believes in us and inflicts itself upon our bodies until the hour arrives when our bodies can’t face the onslaught of time anymore and we stop. Just like that. And we leave the time ravaged physical shell to journey onwards.

Trying to outwit or out-imagine time is an act of arrogant futility. Instead of refusing to believe in the slow death of time, perhaps we could respect time as the system that operates in this dimension. Time’s existence can be seen everywhere. Look to nature. There is a time and a season for everything. Time manifests itself in cycles and like the moon, the tides and crops, we are subject to the rhythms and cycles of time too.

Instead of denying time, we could choose to honour time moment by moment in such a way that time reveals the deep fleeting sweetness of the physical experience. Time is not the enemy. Time brings the sacred miracle of life into keen relief.

Making the choice to disregard time is a luxury of the very young or the very foolish. Harnessing the power of time and riding it with tender appreciation, noticing how it transforms everything it touches, deepens our reverence for life. Because time not only transforms physical matter, it creates a context for us to travel deeper into the mysteries of existence.

Noticing how fleetingly life animates a flower or a butterfly and how time consumes that vital life force shouldn’t be a source of sorrow. Because what time is pointing to is a powerful truth that outlives time.

That which notices the effect of time is beyond time. The sentience that we are isn’t concerned about physical life and death, it is beyond life and death. In life it experiences itself. In death it knows itself. Mastery, as a physical being, is achieved by attaining the post-death knowing state whilst still in physicality.

When we become willing students of time, we enter into an agreement of the heart. We contract to open our hearts to the pain and joy that time invites us to experience. We don’t run from the traumas that time delivers or cling to the joys. We accept both. We love both equally because we understand that life must be balanced, and so too must we.

The school of thought that runs from the idea of time, is I believe, subconsciously running from the fear that haunts us all. And that fear is an echo from a dimension far beyond this one. It’s the fear that we are alone in the vastness of infinite space. In truth, there is only the One. Is it alone in any kind of way that we understand aloneness to be? I don’t know. But, aloneness isn’t loneliness. Maybe it’s the aloneness that prompts the One Life to manifest all the glories of creation…